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Advising at a Distance

Due to the suspension of instruction for COVID19, the Pre-Professional Advising Office will be cancelling all walk-ins and events for the next two weeks.  We will continue to offer advising services virtually via email and will be keeping all existing appointments.

As the situation is still evolving, we cannot guarantee our ability to offer in-person appointments later in the semester, so we encourage any student interested in advising to please sign-up for an appointment via SAGE and/or to keep the appointment that they already have scheduled.  Please review UGA’s Advising at a Distance page for more information particularly as it pertains to advising for registration clearance. 

Regarding upcoming registration and the withdrawal deadline:

Please note that advisors in the Pre-Professional Advising Office cannot clear students for registration.  If you need to be cleared for registration or are considering withdrawing from a course, you must speak with your academic advisor.  Because health professional schools typically require at least a “C” grade in pre-requisite courses, we encourage you to only consider withdrawing if you expect to earn a “C-” or below in a course.  If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course, you must speak with both your professor and academic advisor to ensure that this will not impact your graduation plans.

If you currently have an appointment scheduled:

You will receive an email from you advisor at the beginning of your appointment time and they will proceed with email advising from there.  To prepare for your appointment, please do the following:

  • Review the resources on our website.
  • Know which programs you are planning on applying to and review their individual requirements.
  • Have your questions already prepared so that you can email them to your advisor after they have initiated your appointment.
  • Have a list of all pertinent activities such as volunteering, club involvement, research, shadowing, etc. ready to share so that they can best advise you.

Remember you will only have the appointment time to discuss things, so have as much prepared up front as possible.

If you do not have an appointment scheduled:

You may schedule via SAGE.  Again, please note that all appointments will be conducted via email while the university is shut down.  You are welcome to email brief, simple questions without an appointment, but for in-depth advising you should plan to schedule an appointment so that your advisor can give you the best support possible. 

We will be experiencing a high-volume of emails during this time, so there may be a delay in response time.  Thank you for your patience.