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Study Rooms

Study Rooms

The study rooms will be closed during the Spring 2022 semester. You can still check out study materials from our Resource Library.

The Pre-Professional Advising Office has two study rooms available for students.  The primary purpose of the study rooms is to provide a comfortable place for you to engage in collaborative and cooperative study in small groups. Permanent assignment of rooms is not made to any academic group or social organization. Rooms may not be used for any “for profit activity” (such as tutoring, promotions, etc.).  While the rooms are meant for group study/work, they can be checked out for single-person use. If you would like to use the study room by yourself, you will need to complete a walk-in reservation (subject to room availability).

When using the study rooms you will have access to the books in the Resource Library.  Please note that since these books can be checked-out they may not all be available during your reservation. 

Group study rooms are only available to currently enrolled UGA students.

Online Reservation via Sagenda

Rooms will be available two weeks subsequent to the current date, and a room can be reserved for a specified 3-hour (4 during the summer) block.  You cannot make more than two reservations per week.

You must arrive no later than 15 minutes after the start of your reserved time to check-in.  After 15 minutes, the reservation is forfeited and becomes available for walk-in reservation.  At least one user of the room must show a valid UGA ID at the front desk in order to check-in and the group must meet any room size criteria.

To reserve a study room, please click here. Remember to use your UGA email when scheduling.

Walk-in Reservations:

If you do not have a study room reservation, the staff at the front desk will assign a room if one is available. You are encouraged to use the online reservation system for current and future needs.

Depending on availability, you may be allowed to reserve a room for the entire day to complete a practice exam.

Rules of the Study Room:

1. The person who schedules the room will be held responsible for the conduct of all group members and condition of the room at the end of scheduled time.

2. Individuals found sleeping or eating in the rooms will be asked to leave.

3. Group study rooms are not available for functions such as classes, lectures or seminars, and groups found to be more than room capacity will be asked to vacate.

4. The group study rooms are not soundproof; please be considerate of offices and other students in the area. Groups that are excessively noisy and disturb others may be asked to leave.

5. Doors in the rooms may not be blocked, locked, and windows cannot be covered.

6. Furnishings from other parts of the Pre-Professional Advising Office may not be brought into the rooms.

7. Personal belongings are not to be left unattended. Unattended items will be removed and sent to Lost and Found. The Pre-Professional Advising Office is not responsible for any unattended items.

8. Covered drinks are allowed in the study rooms. NO FOOD of any kind is permitted in the study rooms.

By reserving a study room, you agree to follow all rules and regulations above. Failure to follow the reservation policy may result in loss of privilege to use the study room.