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This test aims to give insight into an applicant’s non-cognitive skill set, e.g., inter- and intrapersonal skills like empathy, ethics, and professionalism.  These skill sets are critical to working in a healthcare setting and providing quality care to patients.  However, it can be challenging to evaluate if an applicant possesses these skills early in the admissions process from the traditional application alone.

The CASPer test comprises realistic, hypothetical scenarios/dilemmas (aka ethical questions) to assess how applicants will behave in certain situations. The test can last up to 110 minutes, and there is an optional 10-minute break halfway through the exam. The exam currently breaks into two sections: a video and a typed response section. The video section is comprised of two word-based and four video-based scenarios. The typed response section has three word-based and five video-based scenarios. Each scenario is followed by an answer section (set of 3 questions), and test takers have 5 minutes to type their responses before they are automatically directed to the next scenario. Typed responses are automatically saved regardless of whether the “Submit” button is not pressed. A webcam is required for this test, and applicants are highly encouraged to test their configuration before their exam date.

The exam is not a pass-or-fail test. Each program determines how it will incorporate the CASPer score into its admissions decisions. This means a score may be competitive for one program but less competitive for another. The CASPer score is a single numeric value, not broken down into individual scores. Test takers will not receive results for this test nor feedback on their answers. Different raters score each scenario to dilute bias. Raters only receive the typed responses and are not provided with the test taker’s personal information. Raters will accept any typed answer, whether in bullet points or complete sentences and disregard spelling mistakes when evaluating responses.

To prepare for the exam, applicants should practice with ethical questions and time themselves to get a feel for the 5 minutes response window allotted for each scenario. They will want to focus on the content of the responses and use all the time provided to them.

Register for a test date at least three days before a preferred test day. Click here if accommodations are necessary. Resources to help prepare for the CASPer test are below.

Test Preperation:

CASPer scores will be available only to the programs on an applicant’s distribution list and sent out approximately 2 – 3 weeks after taking the test. Applicants can find their scores by looking in their account's “Past Tests” section to see if the program is highlighted in green, indicating a score delivery. A score highlighted in grey means a score is still pending. The CASPer test may only be taken once per admissions cycle, and the results are only valid for a single admissions cycle, so applicants may need to take another CASPer test for future admissions cycles.

Please note that any application to a professional program requiring the CASPer exam is incomplete without a test score. Therefore, applicants must monitor their accounts to ensure that programs receive their test scores. After taking the exam, applicants cannot cancel or withdraw their score distribution to programs.

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