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Course Requirements

While requirements will differ from program to program, most nursing schools require students to have:

1) At least 60 hours of credit (i.e., all Core requirements completed).

Note: Completed Core requirements at UGA will transfer to all other institutions within the University System of Georgia. In other words, it is not required that you complete the Core requirements at the institution you hope to transfer but instead should focus on completing AREAS I-V at UGA. Private institutions (e.g., Piedmont College) may accept or reject transfer credit at their own discretion. Therefore, you will want to double-check with the admissions offices at private institutions prior to applying.

2) Several additional pre-nursing pre-requisites completed before matriculation.

Typical nursing pre-requisites include:

Note: The above requirements are not exhaustive. It is important that you check the website of each individual nursing program you wish to apply to, as well as to meet with the pre-nursing advisor to ensure you are meeting all of the course requirements